We all have that favorite item- it’s an eye color or lipstick; something you use it for special occasions; something you lost it in your purse or car thinking you would never see it again then you find it. It’s the item you love so much, but don’t remember when you bought it or how old it is. You want to use it, but are scared because you don’t know how old it is or maybe you do use it and end up with a break out or worse!

It’s a question we all ask, it’s something we hate to do! You know what I’m talking about…


Ladies trust me, I know it’s hard. In my own daily regiment I don’t necessarily wear a full face, so there are some items in my drawer that may not be used up before expiring. As much as I want to keep them sometimes I have to just let them go.

Make-Up that we keep around past their viable use is unhealthy for our skin and eyes. Over time bacteria and other elements can contaminate our pallets causing skin irritations ranging from clogged pores to full out acne and blackheads. In the sensitive area around our eyes, irritations such as a STYE or other eye infection are highly probable. So as much as we may not want to, it is important that we give our Make-Up tables/drawers/bags a good cleaning out every so often.

With that being said below I have posted a chart to guide your product tosses.*


  • MASCARA should be tossed every 3 months. As a rule of thumb, I replace my mascara when I replace my toothbrush.
  • EYE LINER has an 18 (Liquid, Felt Tipped) to 24 (Regular & Mechanical Pencils) month lifespan.



  • Cream & Pressed Powder Compacts should be thrown away every 6 months
  • Bottled Liquids & Mousse have a 12 month lifespan.



  • LIPSTICK should be tossed when it is between 12 and 18 months old.
  • LIP LINER has an 18 to 24  month lifespan.


  • EYE SHADOW & BLUSH PRODUCTS  both have a lifespan of between 12 and 18 months.
  • Creme should be tossed between 6 and 12 Months.

* Time periods given are estimates based on the average makeup user’s use and habits. Proper Hygiene and Product Storage are key factors to preventing the spread of Bacteria and Viruses.  Using clean brushes and spatulas to scoop products from containers will also help to extend the life of your products.

That’s all I have for now. Until next week


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